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Columns & table conversion

As a test I tried to convert a catalogue, pricelist comprising 2 columns, with pictures embedded. As a translator, I often need to manipulate documents like this, but the manufacturers regularly forward it me in .PDF format even if they have it in MS Word format too... :-(

Well, the package obviously failed as the columns became overlapping, texts overlapped pictures, etc. and each and every paragraph was converted into a separate text box, frequently overlapping one another. Thus the structure optained was hardly useable. Some of the paragraphs were converted into different font type and size.

Next I tried it with a single column .PDF file. The result was much better, though the text boxes are stil allways annoying. The worse problem was that the format of tables was totally destroyed as each and every column were converted into separaet textboxes.

I suggest you to add a radio button or tix box to save the converted file (in default) into the directory of the source file.

I tried to convert a .PDF in Hungarian. Practically all the accented vowels were skipped. Next I tried Russian. The package simply failed. It could not even open, an error message window kept complaining on open PDF reader, viewer, etc. Finally I tried German. The special charaters as ß, ä were skipped or converted wrong. That is, it can handle only documents in English.

Regards: Joseph.

Joseph Gyongyosi , 08.02.2016, 13:06
Idea status: under consideration


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